Ayurveda highlights the significance of proper sleep as one of the fundamental pillars
of overall health. During sleep, the body and mind undergo natural processes of rest,
detoxification, restoration, and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, insomnia disrupts these
essential functions, giving rise to various health issues such as anxiety, depression,
stroke, compromised immune system function, and hindrances in daily life, including
academic or professional performance, memory impairment, and an increased risk of
accidents. In Ayurveda, insomnia is referred to as “Anidra” or “Nidranasha,”
attributed to an imbalance in the three doshas.

Multiple factors contribute to insomnia, including stress, irregular work or travel
schedules, mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety,
depression, and various medical ailments such as chronic pain, cancer, diabetes,
heart disease, asthma, and gastritis. Ayurvedic approaches to treating insomnia
focus on two key objectives: enhancing both the quality and quantity of sleep and
addressing the underlying causes to prevent potential long-term health

The personalised nature of Ayurvedic insomnia treatment involves a holistic
approach encompassing herbal preparations, lifestyle adjustments, relaxation
techniques, and the cultivation of healthy sleep hygiene habits. Our dedicated team
is eager to support you in achieving restful sleep, optimising your physical, mental,
and emotional well-being through a tailored Ayurvedic treatment plan aligned with
your individual constitution and underlying causes.