As women transition into menopause, typically occurring between their 40s and 50s,
Ayurveda identifies this phase as the “vata” stage, a period marked by physical,
mental, and emotional discomfort due to significant changes.
Menopausal symptoms can be challenging. As your body approaches this stage, it
signals the end of your menstrual cycle. Early signs may include irregular or
infrequent periods, accompanied by variations in bleeding patterns like spotting or
excessive flow.
Post-menopause, women may encounter physical changes such as vaginal dryness,
night sweats, facial flushing, hair thinning, and unexpected body heat sensations (hot
flashes). Mental and emotional shifts like depression, anxiety, irritability, and
frustration can also arise.
Ayurveda offers a natural approach to alleviate these menopausal changes affecting
the body and mind. Using non-invasive methods, Ayurvedic treatments are
considered safe, devoid of side effects, and are believed to be the most effective
means of finding relief from discomfort. We are here to support and assist you in
returning to a balanced state through personalised Ayurvedic consultations and
treatments tailored to your unique constitution.