Amaya Ayurveda Spa offers a holistic and natural solution for a variety of skin
conditions prevalent today, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Hyperpigmentation,
and more. Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on both understanding the root
causes and providing effective treatments.

The onset of many chronic skin ailments is often linked to the accumulation of toxins
within tissues, disrupting the delicate biochemistry of the affected area. This build-up
can impede circulation and elimination pathways, hindering proper nutrient delivery
to the tissues and obstructing the natural cleansing processes.

Given that diverse imbalances can initiate skin disorders, Ayurveda’s multifaceted
methodology proves beneficial in addressing the underlying causes while revitalizing
the body’s innate healing mechanisms. At Amaya Spa, our Ayurveda practitioners
conduct a thorough prior consultation to identify the root cause of the condition. They
then prepare a personalised treatment plan using scientifically backed herbal
remedies tailored to meet your specific needs.