At Amaya program for Stress and Anxiety, provides a comprehensive and natural
approach to stress reduction.

Stress can affect all aspects of life, including our emotions, behaviour, thinking
ability, and physical health. Stress is known to be a contributing factor in a countless
variety of chronic disorders and various mental health concerns, yet its influence can
be easily overlooked.

According to Ayurveda,Vatha Pitta and Kapha are three doshas in the body and
chiefly responsible for physical wellbeing and as well as producing physical
diseases. Similarly, Sathwa, Rajas and Thamas are the manasika or psychological
doshas which are mainly causing for mental health and diseases. Anything that
upsets that balance disrupts our normal functioning and can be ended up with
psychological ailments such as Stress, depression, and other mental disorders.  Our
practitioners at Amaya will look at its primary causes and manage stress in the body
and mind as well as support wellness and longevity.

Our treatment program begins with an Ayurvedic consultation to identify the root
causes of your condition. This enables us to create customized treatments such as
head massages, breathing exercises, behavioural adjustments as well as herbal
treatments, as an effective stress reduction.

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and transform your life.